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Work by Hand: Healing Worn Soles

Work by Hand: Healing Worn Soles Long-time customer Clark Walker brought a well-worn pair of loafers to the counter, where Barbara Woods closely eyed the soles.  “I’d put a solid rubber heel on that.  It’ll wear a lot better,” she advised. “I’ve been coming here a long time,” shared Walker. Before leaving his shoes, he’d […]

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Homemade Skincare Indulgence

When’s the last time you indulged in something sensual like a body scrub with only the best ingredients?  Maybe you used something simple, like sugar from the pantry?  Who says mixing things up in the kitchen is just for mealtime? It only takes four ingredients to create a beautiful, naturally scented, skin-pampering scrub. Of course, […]

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DIY Pine Deck Bench Project

Summer is off to a fresh start in our backyard with the addition of three new homemade deck benches.  My husband kept his promise to finish off our deck by creating a corner seating area.  He made the same bench as he had previously for our side deck. Plus he added another bench to the side […]

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101-Year-Old Quilt Designer

Her hands move nimbly with needle and thread, even though she admits the stitches aren’t as perfect as they used to be.  The colorful cotton fabric starts in three-inch-wide pieces of squares and triangles, ending up together in one of many intricate patterns. Lena Vaughan’s been doing this longer than most of us have been […]

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Weaving a College Education in Kentucky

A first generation college student whose mother or grandmother had taught her to weave could at one time trade a handmade coverlet for tuition in rural Kentucky. The sturdy, background of warp threads has long been in place. Over time, the colorful weft threads have been woven back and forth, in intricate patterns, sometimes undone […]

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The Essence of Soapmaking

My husband and kids can thank me for picking out my own Mother’s Day gift when I visited the Asheville Herb Festival this past weekend. I purchased a feel-good sampling of some of the most luscious skin care products I’ve ever found. I was immediately attracted to the smell of the sage spearmint soap and […]

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