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Can a Cow Save a Penguin? Question on World Penguin Day

This post is in cooperation with Stonyfield, where I am proud to be a #StonyfieldBlogger! Can a cow save a penguin? I asked my youngest to #ImagineHow when we visited Zoo Knoxville recently.  Since they were tiny, I’ve brought my kids to visit the penguins at our local zoo, where they wait to see them […]

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Ozarks Water Quality

Tires and trash are typical finds when Missouri Steam Team volunteers conduct water cleanups.  Plus, volunteers take thousands of samples for ongoing water quality reports.  Their latest 2013 report shows reason for concern about nitrate, ammonia and phosphate among other contaminates in public waterways.  These can come from a variety of human activities and agricultural sources. […]

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What Tiny Insects Reveal About Waterways

Dr. Kevin Moulton, PhD in North Georgia Photo Courtesy Susan Moulton Navigating, hiking, and swimming skills are some non-so-obvious requirements for many research scientists.  Despite the long hours with microscopes and computers, most are also responsible for collecting their own specimens.  Although he sometimes has help, entomologist Kevin Moulton, PhD has spent long hours collecting […]

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The Buzz about Flies

Entomologist Kevin Moulton, PhD University of Tennessee with Specimen of New Fly Species Unwelcome guests at picnics, painstakingly screened out of our homes, even the subject of vicious children’s poems, flies get no respect.  Some of these winged creatures we see, many others we don’t.  But scientists appreciate the beauty of Diptera’s place in the […]

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Landscaping around Deer

We love to watch in awe as baby fawns and their deer families pass along our yard each year.  They come and go as they please, and occasionally they’ll tolerate my camera. I’m reminded that the deer love to munch on some of our landscaping, especially lilies and other plants with tender leaves. We sometimes […]

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Up-Close with Eagles

23-year-old bald eagle,”America” Prospects are good for a dozen new bald eagle babies being helped by the American Eagle Foundation.  They’re expected to hatch later this spring at the group’s lakeside nesting location in East Tennessee.  The Foundation hosts a webcam to allow virtual access to nests in the captive breeding program. Perched eagles in […]

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