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Family Landscapers Bring Organic Christmas Trees to Nashville

Thought you were allergic to real Christmas trees but didn’t understand why?  Organic landscape specialist Tanya Hans thought she was too…until she realized it wasn’t the tree that bothered her but the toxic chemicals sprayed on it.  She discovered that trees grown with natural methods and with organic alternatives to toxic pesticides were no longer […]

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Work by Hand: Cut-Your-Own Organic Christmas Trees

The Ullrich family has been visiting Christmas tree farms for the past eight years.  They proudly picked and sawed down their white pine together on a warm December weekend.  The Robinson family made an adventure of finding the perfectly shaped Norway spruce for their living room.  “This is something we can do as a family; […]

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Simple Ways to Help Save Trees

Do you play outdoors with your kids and talk about the animals that live in forests?  We try to connect the bird nesting in the treetop with good reasons not to litter.  When we play guessing games like, “where does this animal live?” we try to learn new words like “habitat.”  It seemed like an easy […]

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Trees at Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum

I’ve been spending this week sharing about a lovely visit to the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum.  Here are a few of our favorite trees that we spotted on our visit. 100-year-old Red Oak Tag said “cotinas coggyria” (Smoke Tree) Tag said “lagerstroemia indica Natchez” (Crape Myrtle) Century-old Cedars of Lebanon Hundreds of trees in […]

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Transplanting Trees

Time and patience can do much to beautify our yards.  When some volunteer seedlings popped up in the wrong places, my husband took a few minutes to baby one in a pot, and just leave the other one alone for a while. In this early spring when our ground is thawed, he has transplanted a promising magnolia and a thin maple […]

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