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Imperfect Plans for Toxic Chemical Reform in US Capitol

Get my newsletter here so we can stay in touch! Time for an update on imperfect plans for toxic chemical reform: Who knew a harmful substance finally removed from children’s pajamas in the 70s would end up in our furniture decades later? That child safety devices could be protecting them from one harm while causing […]

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Ecology Center Detects Toxic Chemicals in Children’s Car Seats

Could a federally mandated traffic safety procedure be putting your child at risk for a different sort of danger?  Independent research by consumer advocacy watchdog Ecology Center shows many children’s car seats are loaded with toxic chemicals that may be a risk to their long-term health! These same chemicals are being detected as accumulating in […]

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Chemical Safety Reform Efforts Getting Mixed Reviews

It’s common knowledge that our babies are born pre-polluted with toxic chemicals in their cord blood. That even ideal mother’s milk can no longer be pure because every woman in North America is exposed to so many industrial chemicals.  That chronic disease is becoming more common. Astoundingly, this toxic invasion of our sacred spaces is […]

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Earth Care Chat with Sierra Club & Eco Author

You don’t have to tell the parent of a child with asthma that when your child can’t breathe, nothing else matters.  They’ve been there. One in ten children in this country depends on a rescue inhaler because of an asthma diagnosis.  Others still, young and old, suffer a range of heart and lung diseases.  It […]

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Toxic Chemicals Spoil the Party in Popular Halloween Costumes & Accessories

Could toxic chemicals be playing a dirty trick on your family’s Halloween fun?  As a parent, you’re already protective about stranger danger, staying visible after dark, checking candy and more.  Have you heard about the elevated levels of toxic chemicals in some new Halloween gear? If you had no idea this was even an issue, […]

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Testing Reveals Toxic Chemicals in Feminine Pads

What do car tires, petroleum refineries, nail polish remover and feminine pads all have in common? According to independent testing of pads, these things all could contain toxic chemicals with potential links to health harm.  It’s a given we’d find industrial grade chemicals in heavy industry, and we know to be careful of the acetone […]

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Sofa Cushion Forts, Kids’ Gear & Toxic Flame Retardants

Sofa Cushion Forts, Kids’ Gear & Toxic Flame Retardants Indoors in the wintertime, my kids can entertain themselves for hours in the living room, building forts and castles with the foam cushions of our sofa and love seat.  There’s lots of jostling and even the occasional, “that is not a trampoline” reaction from me as […]

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wallet stuffed with receipts & dollar bills

Hormone Disrupting BPA Found on Cash Register Receipts from Grocery Stores

*The following is a post sponsored by Allison PR in cooperation with the Mamavation community. Could shoppers and store clerks be unwittingly exposing themselves to hormone disrupting Bisphenol A via cash register receipts?  Could an overstuffed wallet be even messier than you realize?  Another independent analysis of receipts from several grocery stores shows more than […]

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Chemical Industry Focused on Restoring Consumer Confidence, Not Chemical Safety

Chronic illnesses in this generation of children are at rates we’ve never seen before, science shows us now that perhaps 90% of cancers have some environmental/lifestyle link, the new normal is that early puberty, rescue inhalers and autism are to be expected in every small community.  We can also find long lists of toxic chemicals […]

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