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Cotton, Pesticides, Planet & People

Who else has drawer after drawer of t-shirts from ball teams, store promotions, chess clubs, Bible school and community groups?  Did you know that every t-shirt requires about half its weight in chemical inputs before becoming that popular gear?  That’s what Texas farmer Gary Oldham calculated before deciding to start growing cotton with organic methods […]

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Quilt Top Treasure

A traditional wedding ring pattern of flour-sack-type cotton fabric creates a quilt top that’s recently come into our household.  It’s my favorite sort of hand-me-down. This single layer of cotton will eventually become a completed quilt.  It’s from my husband’s side of the family.  Wish I knew for sure who make it.  I love that even […]

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Box of Layette Memories

The box came tied with twine, decorated with cheery painted sunflowers.  My Aunt Ruby knew how much I would appreciate the little treasures she sent.  It was a box full of layette memories. A faded red-orange floral design had been stitched with row after row of thread to create a bonnet.  White shell buttons fastened the main […]

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Flour Sack Fabrics

Display at Englewood Textile Museum One of the vignettes at the Textile Museum in Englewood, Tennessee includes this quote, “I washed five feed sacks and made me a bedspread.”  The museum offers gorgeous examples of homemade quilts, coverlets and clothing. Particularly during the Great Depression, resourceful folks could make whatever they needed from simple means stitched […]

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Easter Table Linen from Poland

Celebrating the Christian tradition of Easter includes a meaningful new decoration at our house this week.  Our friend, Lena, who has ancestors from Ukraine and Poland, gifted our family with a mint-condition, vintage, European textile. The linen table runner features a lovely woven basket full of Easter eggs, tulip and daffodils representing new life in Christ.  The […]

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Vintage Star Quilt

I became the reluctant owner of this pretty pink eight-point star quilt that no one else wanted.  Although it’s not a family heirloom, I still appreciate it.  I think it was machine-stitched, possibly with original flour sack fabrics.  The cotton quilt contains six stars in a row, by eight rows.  It’s just large enough for a full-sized bed, […]

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