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Switchgrass for Livestock Forage

Experienced cattle ranchers know the best time of year for each cutting of hay.  Those returning to the use of native switchgrass are relearning the process with this super-efficient food source for their livestock.  Although farmer Brad Black has been growing switchgrass exclusively for an experimental biofuel program in Tennessee, he says he may be […]

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How Green is Switchgrass Farming?

The rolling foothills of the Southern Appalachian Mountains resting in hazy azure against a golden-green field could make anyone want to be a farmer.  Up close to the five-feet-tall stands not yet harvested, the wispy tops  bowing in a slight breeze, one can imagine great expanses of this native plant. Today’s resurgence of switchgrass in […]

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Farming a Biofuel Alternative to Corn Ethanol

Rows of corn, beans, wheat and canola used to dominate the landscape at Brad and Kim Black’s Monroe County, Tennessee farm.  Four years ago, the family farmers started planting seed from Texas to reestablish a tall grass native to North America.  They planted 56 acres in switchgrass, a dense, woody grass with tough blades. “It fit […]

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