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Green Goes Mainstream: Kentucky Coal Businessmen See Potential in Renewable Energy

Climate change concerns versus coal dust celebrations, clean air rules versus community freedoms, environmental ideals versus mining jobs? What if the way America’s been debating its energy future is based on false dichotomies?  What if the very industry blamed in part for climate destruction has the most power to build a renewable energy future?  In […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: Solar PV for Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home, complete with your own solar energy array?  It’s becoming more and more common.  In our Green Goes Mainstream series, we meet a Pennsylvania couple on the leading edge of an American clean energy movement. Bob and Donna Weikert’s home looks like any other quaint homeplace in rural Pennsylvania except for the photovoltaic […]

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Shout Out for Solar Day

Increasingly more economical and cleaner solar power is being celebrated after a banner growth year by the industry.  Friday is “Shout Out for Solar Day” organized by the Solar Energy Industries Association. While the industry has its detractors for competition with coal and for perceived inefficiencies, solar or photovoltaic energy has created nearly 120,000 jobs. […]

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Sustainable Future Business Inspires Energy Conservation

Visiting Sustainable Future’s solar park and modest headquarters is an immersion in energy conservation for the 21st century. The showy display of large solar panels out front gives potential clients examples of all sorts of construction possibilities.  Of course, the main building displays a large array of photovoltaic panels, as well. A modern carport uses […]

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Independent Radio Station Goes Solar

“Big Rick” Kitzmiller Long before you could post photos of your used refrigerator or car for sale on the internet, somebody in the rural United States was calling a local radio station to tell neighbors about their valuable castoffs. Back in the 90s, listeners in East Tennessee could call in live on the air during […]

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Grandma’s Solar-Powered Wisdom

An early memory of my Grandma Imel is playing around her legs while she clipped laundry on and off her backyard clothesline.  I remember the distinct fresh smell of crisp white sheets and kitchen linens at her house.  I remember how she wore a special smock with pockets in the front, full of wooden clothespins. […]

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