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Built Family Garden with Raised Beds

We’re nearly ready for planting, after two weeks of rebuilding our little gardening corner in our backyard. The fence is up to keep out our family dog. My husband constructed raised beds from cedar, making use of our slope. We’ve filled the beds with four different types of soil and amendments: Sandy loam soil Mushroom […]

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Garden Soil Testing

Time to dig in and get serious about improving the vegetable garden and lawn this year.  I spent the morning gathering dirt for professional soil testing.  As you may know, nearly every state’s agriculture extension service offers residents this service for a nominal fee.  I started by picking up instructions and soil collection boxes from […]

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The Dirt on Organic Ag

Do you really like digging in the dirt?  Most anyone with a passion for gardening or farming does, and it’s a relationship that’s undeniably important, especially when using sustainable methods. I didn’t always appreciate the connection between dirt and our food. I remember feeling sorry for those poor high school kids who ended up on […]

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Antique Garden Soil Sifters

Making sifters had been on our to-do list for some time.  When I needed to sift dirt from my compost pile last spring I resorted to repurposing a barbecue implement that was close enough (and shall never again go on the grill). My husband brought home these from his grandfather’s basement this winter, and these antique […]

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