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Saturdays in the Garden: Completing Tomato Seed Saving

Don’t you wonder who the first person was to discover that letting something sit and ferment can be a good thing?  Even for organic gardening, where it’s common to play in the dirt and appreciate microorganisms, this seed saving method seems pretty gross. We told you last week about our beginning efforts to save tomato […]

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Favorite Quote on Heirloom Seeds

Are you and your children planting a garden this summer?  Even if you grow one vegetable together or try the simple activity of showing how a bean sprouts, you may be planting a seed deeper than you realize.  Here’s our favorite quote from the little boy who grew up to create one of the world’s […]

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Interview with Baker Creek Seed Founder Jere Gettle

His employees were busy filling early Spring 2013 seed orders, and he was overseeing a major garden renovation at his company’s Ozarks headquarters.  But Baker Creek Seed founder Jere Gettle still graciously set a few minutes aside to speak with about gardening, seeds and the pure food movement.  Here’s what he had to say:

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Show of Support for Farmers Gathering in Washington, DC

Maine farmer and OSGATA President Jim Gerritsen Photo courtesy:  OSGATA People from around the country are gathering in a show of support for small farmers and seed growers who want to preserve American agriculture. They’re planning a peaceful citizens’ assembly in Washington, DC on Thursday, January 10. Iowa-based, family farm inspired group Food Democracy Now […]

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Bamboo Bean Poles, Freckled Lettuce and More

Bamboo Poles for Beans Thanks to our neighbor sharing some downed bamboo and my husband’s resourcefulness, we have some beautiful new bean poles for this year’s garden.  This replaces last year’s poles made from surplus plastic pipe.  Once the bamboo is stripped of the tiny branches and leaves, it’s easy to work with. Freckled lettuce is […]

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Family Farm Produces Heirloom Foods

Leaf Myczack’s hands are those of a farmer.  Not one who spends most of his time in the air conditioned cab of an oversized tractor.  But one who needs no gloves to pick a small patch of fresh strawberries.  One who crafts many of his own custom tools for small-scale farming.  One who appreciates the […]

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Burpee Responds about Mold on Pots

I’ve received a response from the Burpee company about the white mold I discovered growing on my little seed starting pots.  I told you previously how white mold had started growing on 20 of the little plant fiber pots within about 24 hours of transplanting seedlings into them. Here’s what Burpee’s Horticulture Specialist, Nancy, said […]

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Seedlings Making Progress

If seed starting were a race, my Cherokee Purple heirloom tomatoes would be sprinting out of the starting gate.  The cherry tomatoes are a close second, with the sweet peppers slowly getting onto the straightaway. Cherokee Purple Tomato Seedlings Sweet Pepper Seedlings I’m concerned that these Cherokee Purples are already too leggy, reaching too high […]

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Ongoing Seed Struggle Affects Consumers

What do consumers have at stake in the ongoing conflict between small, often organic, growers and agricultural business Monsanto? Depends on who you ask.The leader in biotechnology boasts yields that help farmers and feed the world.  Spokesman Tom Helscher described biotech ag as something not at odds with independent growers. “As we have stated clearly, […]

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