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The 85-Cent Consumer Question

Eco-consumerism pioneer Diane MacEachern has been reminding women for years that they have an estimated 85-cents of spending power out of every dollar in the marketplace.  She empowers women with her award-winning website and book Big Green Purse, pointing out practical ways we can make spending decisions that benefit our own families as well as […]

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Memphis, Tennessee Grandma Hopeful about Safe Chemicals Act

A Memphis grandmother of 18 and great-grandmother of one is hopeful about today’s historic vote on the Safe Chemicals Act.  “This is a step in the right direction,” said Sue Marsh. After raising her seven children, Marsh went back to school to become a special education teacher, eventually earning her doctorate in leadership and policy […]

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Safe Chemicals Act Vote Today

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Delivered Approx. 130,000 Petition Signatures to Congress in May During the National Stroller Brigade The second of two recent hearings in Washington shed some light on the chemical industry’s relationship with politicians and the American public on the eve of an important vote on the Safe Chemicals Act.  The proposed law […]

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More Tennessee Moms Ask Senator Alexander to Support Safe Chemicals Act

Tennessee Moms include Green Momma Party in Moms’ Night Out and Support Safe Chemicals Act More Tennessee moms are calling, emailing, writing letters and telling their friends about the Safe Chemicals Act.  They’re using the power of everything from social media to Bible study groups to connect on this nonpartisan issue.  On the eve of […]

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Moral Imperative for Safe Chemicals Act

A  few kind friends had assured me to not fear the machine.  The friendly, caring medical staff helped usher me in to the area where I would wait my turn.  The light blue, seersucker fabric gown I had to wear was not as awkward as I had imagined. Thank goodness for technicians with calm demeanor who […]

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Praying for Prevention

My family found ourselves sitting in a sanctuary once again last weekend, listening to the prayers lifted by churchgoers for the sick and dying.  A special prayer was said for the senseless tragedy in Colorado, then there was the usual litany of cancer victims, sprinkled with other ailments like heart disease, punctuated by anguish over […]

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Moms for Making Our Milk Safe

Mary Brune was pregnant with her third child when we met during the National Stroller Brigade in Washington. I had nothing to complain about in the humid May heat when expectant moms like her were gracefully strolling along for a good cause.  We were all gathered to show Washington that moms care about our children’s […]

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Overcoming Obesogens

Calories, carbs, fat grams, reps, miles on my running shoes — you name it, somebody’s fitness plan says I should be counting it these days.  I’m hopeful that somewhere in all of the mainstream fitness know-how, there’s a perfect balance that will help me achieve my weight loss goals.  I’m painfully aware that taking personal […]

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