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Operating Room Recycling Efforts

The process of caring for a patient in a typical operating room usually produces four to five bags of trash and medical waste. But a cost-saving system available to hospitals now can potentially cut the number of trash bags in half. Parkridge Health System that includes three hospitals in Chattanooga, Tennessee is a leader in […]

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Hospitals Get Greener

It’s one of the healthcare industry’s dirty little secrets: hospitals historically have generated most of their communities’ landfill waste as well as polluting the air through medical waste incineration and polluting  drinking water by dumping meds down the drain.  Yet communities look to hospitals to be leaders in health and wellness.  More and more US […]

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Enterprising Women Paint Heirloom Furniture

Ever fallen in love with a piece of estate sale furniture but thought the finish was damaged beyond repair? What about those pieces already in our families that have received too much wear?  Two East Tennessee women are finding a fresh way to refurbish heirloom decor. “We’re looking for pieces that need a little bit […]

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Precycling to Reduce Waste

Still cleaning up after Christmas present and holiday party overload? What if we didn’t generate so much garbage in the first place? Here are some tips for precycling to help yourself and the planet: *Avoid disposable products when a more durable version can be used over and over. *Use secondhand purchases or borrowed items when […]

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Recycling Coalition’s Program Grows

Amid the brick storefronts of downtown Knoxville’s South Gay Street, near architectural firms and artists’ galleries, now sits the headquarters for the Knoxville Recycling Coalition.  The nonprofit moved its offices last year to save rent and become more centrally located.“We’re getting a lot of Christmasy stuff,” said Executive Director Frank Sewell, when I asked about […]

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Art of Recycling on Display

Nutrition Facts by Geri Forkner (Best of Show) (Photo courtesy:  Athens Art Council) Athens Arts Council Program Director Pat Armstrong shows Blackbird (painting on home movie screen) by Shelbi Cox (tied for Wesley L. Henderson, Jr. Memorial Creativity Award) It’s entertaining, colorful and not necessarily easy to digest.  The tongue in cheek sculpture titled Nutrition […]

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Polystyrene Foam Igloo Recycling

The Incredible Shrinking Igloo When we volunteered to recycle the foam panels used to make a kid-sized igloo for my daughter’s class at school, I wrote this little story to explain what happened to the igloo.  We know that real igloos made of ice finally melt when the temperature dips below freezing. What happens to make-believe, polysterene foam igloos? […]

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The Hunt for PS #6 Polystyrene

Part of my homework after bringing home my first recycling bag for expanded polystyrene was to locate the little symbol stamped into the product.  Here it is.  It’s the number 6 surrounded by a triangle of chasing arrows, with the letters “PS” under the triangle. I assumed it would months before my household would fill up our 100-gallon bag […]

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The Skinny on Polystyrene Foam Recycling

Chances are that between holiday gifts and clearance sales, someone in your household has brought home a fragile new toy that involved bulky foam packaging.  Did you know that it no longer has to sit forever in your basement or the landfill?  Perhaps someone in your area offers recycling services now for expandable polystyrene.  Today […]

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Phone Recycling Perks

Did you know that each year in the United States, we set aside 100 million cellular phones that we no longer use?  It’s no wonder, especially with the ever changing demand for smart phones.  The Environmental Protection Agency says that if all those phones were recycled, we would save enough energy to power 18,500 homes […]

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