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Favorite Quote on Cancer Prevention

Do you find it acceptable that one in two men and one in three women are estimated to develop cancer in their lifetime?  That we’re living longer is only part of the picture, especially when we’re also seeing more childhood cancers.  One of our favorite quotes from a Women’s Voices for the Earth chat with […]

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STRONG NOT SCARED: Light the Night Supports Leukemia Patients

Knox DJ was rocking Circle Park on the University of Tennessee campus, the crowds of teams started filling the street, and balloons filled the air!  The fall weather was crisp for Knoxville’s Light the Night event.  Team Bad to The Bone Marrow raised  more than $2,300 to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s research and […]

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Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

We all realize that much of the angst about cancer comes from the not knowing…the indefinite answers about how or why or what will happen.  Even the medical and science experts don’t offer much that is definitive.   However, the Breast Cancer Fund, with its mission deeply rooted in prevention and soundly planted in scientific […]

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Breast Cancer Fund Promotes Prevention

It’s common knowledge that babies born in the United States have around 200 toxic chemicals that can be found in their cord blood.  It’s common knowledge that Americans live in a more complexly polluted environment than ever. It’s common knowledge that more people are developing cancer and other health problems at younger ages in the […]

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Cancer Researchers Study Environmental Causes

The American Cancer Society has advised for decades against tobacco smoking and sedentary lifestyles.  It has long encouraged healthy eating habits as part of its cancer prevention efforts.  While the latest long-term prevention study by the ACS, called the Cancer Prevention Study 3 or CPS-3, also looks at lifestyle choices like diet and exercise, it […]

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Volunteers Step Up for Cancer Prevention Study

DeAnna Ward bravely endured having four vials of blood drawn from her arm. She also shared vital statistics like her waist measurement and dozens of survey answers with American Cancer Society staff in Knoxville, Tennessee. She’s not ill.Far from it, Ward is the picture of health, and an avid runner.  She’s hoping to help someone […]

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Praying for Prevention

My family found ourselves sitting in a sanctuary once again last weekend, listening to the prayers lifted by churchgoers for the sick and dying.  A special prayer was said for the senseless tragedy in Colorado, then there was the usual litany of cancer victims, sprinkled with other ailments like heart disease, punctuated by anguish over […]

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