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Earth Care Chat with Sierra Club & Eco Author

You don’t have to tell the parent of a child with asthma that when your child can’t breathe, nothing else matters.  They’ve been there. One in ten children in this country depends on a rescue inhaler because of an asthma diagnosis.  Others still, young and old, suffer a range of heart and lung diseases.  It […]

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Speaking Up with Moms Clean Air Force Tennessee

My MOMpartisan button from Moms Clean Air Force may very well be the hottest accessory of the season!  It’s an easy conversation starter to explain that children’s health and other clean air issues matter to all of us, since no matter what our other differences, we all breathe the same air. It was refreshing to […]

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Ozarks Water Quality

Tires and trash are typical finds when Missouri Steam Team volunteers conduct water cleanups.  Plus, volunteers take thousands of samples for ongoing water quality reports.  Their latest 2013 report shows reason for concern about nitrate, ammonia and phosphate among other contaminates in public waterways.  These can come from a variety of human activities and agricultural sources. […]

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Join My Family & Moms Clean Air Force for a Play-In for Climate Action

Does someone in your household start coughing after strenuous activity in the summer, maybe even use a rescue inhaler?  I’ve been amazed at how common it is for families in East Tennessee to have breathing difficulties, with one or more members diagnosed with asthma or another breathing problem. These are NOT necessarily households where anyone […]

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Arkansas Residents Lose Struggle to Keep “Treated” Fracking Wastewater Out of Streams

Arkansas residents have lost their case to protect public waterways from legal dumping of “treated” fracking wastewater.  Earlier this year, an administrative law judge ruled in favor of Southeastern Energy Corporation or SEECO, owned by Southwestern Energy. SEECO sought its permits in cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and now has permission to […]

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Tennesseans Concerned about Fracking, Oil/Gas Extraction Impacts on Health & Environment

Hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, commonly known as fracking, continues to be a point of concern for residents across the United States, including in Tennessee.  This article about citizen concerns first ran September 16, 2013.  There has been an unusually high amount of interest in this article, so here is another look at it. Stickers […]

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Clean Water Worries for Rural Arkansas Residents

Residents of the The Natural State are wondering how clean their waterways will be if the oil and gas industry has its way with a disputed water discharge permit.  An administrative law judge is anticipated to rule soon on citizen concerns about allowing treated wastewater, possibly from natural gas hydraulic fracturing or fracking operations, to […]

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