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daffodil flower

Climate Change Brings Earlier Blooms, Longer Growing Seasons

Oh the sweetness of spring, the hopefulness of Easter and the delightfulness of longer, sunnier days!  I remember as a little girl being excited about the daffodils that grew on the hill outside our back door. Although they weren’t exactly Easter lilies, I recall a strong association between these flowers that my mother called jonquils […]

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World-Class Lab Showcases Native Landscaping

A man strolls beside a water lily-covered pond during his lunchbreak.  Several other employees have ventured outdoors among native ferns and wildflowers. Three wild turkeys meander along a nearby patch of grass.  Native ferns, azalea, purple ironweed and other wildflowers paint different segments of the landscape. ORNL Natural Resources Manager Pat Parr near Equisetum Beds […]

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Ecologists Name Troublesome Invasive Plants

Exotic invasive pest plants:  chances are you host them in your yard and so do I. I asked ecologist Belinda Esham to name a few of the most troublesome plants considered a severe threat in Tennessee.  Her personal worst of the worst list included at least two plants in my yard: privet and Japanese honeysuckle. […]

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Woodland Plants Revealed

President Robert Eidus of NC Ginseng & Goldenseal Co. Do you shop at health food stores for what seem like the best nutritional supplements?  Robert Eidus says you might want to think twice about the source.  Eidus is unapologetically a purist about medicinal plants like ginseng, goldenseal and others that he grows on his unique forested mountain farm.  While […]

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