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Saturdays in the Garden: Summer Squash & Surprise Pumpkins

Here in our little organic family garden, we’ve enjoyed a moderately good harvest of yellow summer squash. For a while, it seemed perhaps the companion garlic was helping stem the tide of squash bugs.  Then, around harvest time it became evident that pests were still going to have their way with some of the plants. […]

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ripe basket of strawberries in strawberry patch

Pick Fresh for Flavor & Deter Pests Naturally in Organic Strawberry Patch

“These taste delicious!” my daughter announced today when she tasted the first organic strawberry picked this morning at the peak of freshness.  While I finish this post, she and her sister will quibble over who gets the next “biggest” strawberry from the basket.  They’re learning to appreciate that ripe strawberry smell that only comes from […]

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Garden Prep for Pests

Did you know that the best defense against pests in the lawn and garden is good soil and plant health? Organic gardeners strive for an elusive balance where everything works to the benefit of a healthy crop within the ecosystem. Renee Fortner, Assistant Supervisor of Landscaping at Warren Wilson College, stressed starting healthy even with turfgrass. […]

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Organic Efforts to Fend off Squash Bugs

We’re planning to grill the first squash from our garden tomorrow:  some zucchini and a variety of yellow squash.    I have to admit that the first to taste squash from our garden were pests.  And we may not have the yields of some conventional gardeners this year.  Yet, I don’t regret our efforts to […]

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