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EPA Finds Insecticide Threatens Pollinators

Could certain insecticides be threatening the bees we need to keep agriculture flourishing and put food on our dinner tables? The latest information from the Environmental Protection Agency confirms what researchers and conservationists have been warning about. The EPA has announced that its preliminary risk assessment shows the neonicotinoid insecticide named imidacloprid can pose a […]

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Gardeners Call on Big Box Stores to Stop Selling Bee-Killing Pesticides

Did you realize that without bees we wouldn’t have most of the freshly grown food we enjoy? Everything from field crops like clover and alfalfa to melons, tomatoes, beans, berries and almonds are produced thanks to the hard working efforts of bees. Unfortunately, well meaning gardeners may have been duped into buying what seem to […]

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EPA Defies Child Health Warnings, Approves Enlist Duo Herbicide for Midwest

A cutting edge, powerful combination of herbicides is coming soon to the Midwest and eventually to more areas throughout the United States despite grave warnings about health and environmental impacts.  One group has even tracked how closely the pesticide spray could come to hundreds of thousands of American schoolchildren.  This product would most likely be […]

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Fight Pesticides: Support Farm Families

*This post is part of my application for a special paid Stonyfield Farm blogger ambassadorship.  #ad I may receive food coupons from Stonyfield from time to time because of this and my relationship as a Stonyfield #YoGetter, but my opinions are always my own. Have you seen this hilarious new video of the superhero farmer […]

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Report Shows Pesticides in Baby Food

Baby food tainted with pesticide residues has shown up in samples of both green beans and pears prepared for the tiniest consumers.  This, according to tests by the United States Department of Agriculture, as reported by the respected watchdog Environmental Working Group.  The EWG report points out that baby food pears showed the most widespread […]

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