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Guest Post: What Can Tennessee Moms Do Right Now?

Guest post by Lindsay Pace of Moms Clean Air Force: Dear Amazing Mamas, I’m hearing from so many people who are wondering what they can do–and worrying that we are going to have a president who wants to get rid of all our clean air protections. Here’s what you can do right now: Get in […]

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School Time Savers

This post is in cooperation with Stonyfield, as part of the #StonyfieldBlogger program! All families are looking to save time during busy school days, aren’t we?  One of our goals with young children is to start and finish homework as soon as possible in the afternoon.  So, I’ve always carried some form of school supply […]

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Imperfect Plans for Toxic Chemical Reform in US Capitol

Get my newsletter here so we can stay in touch! Time for an update on imperfect plans for toxic chemical reform: Who knew a harmful substance finally removed from children’s pajamas in the 70s would end up in our furniture decades later? That child safety devices could be protecting them from one harm while causing […]

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kids with ingredients for frozen yogurt

Having a Ball with Kid-Friendly Frozen Yogurt Recipes

Who else is still so overprotective that you can’t quite turn the kids loose in the kitchen by themselves even though they’re growing up?  The stove is still off-limits to my kids unless I’m around to help. Perhaps summertime and cool treats create the perfect setting for giving kids a turn at food creativity. Our […]

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Summer Parenting Sanity with a Splash of Knoxville #teamNFC Fun

This post is in cooperation with the #teamNFC program that promotes fitness and wellness via National Fitness Center! “Mom, let’s go to the _________” often ends with the word that rhymes with school, doesn’t it?  The summer feels short, the days can be long, and everyone wants to cool off!  My kids and I have […]

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Squeaky Clean & Safe Summer Supplies via Beautycounter Giveaway!

Links to convenient Beautycounter products included – thanks for considering supporting this blog through any future purchases!  I’m excited to share about squeaky clean & safe summer supplies via a giveaway by Beautycounter by Anne Brock. RSVP today for the #CleanCouponing Twitter party featuring Beautycounter on June 11! Sampling Kidscounter for my kids was the […]

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Moving Up to a Big Girl Bed for Safe, Healthy Sleep

*ad) Scroll down for entry form for Naturepedic giveaway below! “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”  My kids used to love reciting that rhyme over and over. They still love being silly and jumping on the bed.  I had to laugh when I came to the line in the 20-year limited warranty for Naturepedic […]

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