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Pollan Family Table Joining #CleanCouponing Holiday Food Twitter Party!

Do you ever get excited about seeing a special aunt or creative friend for a get-together because you know she always brings the most delectable food dish? Maybe you’ll be gathering together with her next week for Thanksgiving.  That’s the way we feel about members of the Pollan family pulling up to the virtual table […]

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Saturdays in the Garden: #FlourSackMamaGarden

Abundant tomatoes for juicy eating and preserving, convenient lettuces & herbs just outside the kitchen door, our own organic strawberry patch — all enticing reasons to grow our own little organic family garden. It’s time for 0ur Saturdays in the Garden series to hibernate for the winter.  While we’ve been harvesting late batches of leaf […]

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GMO Ignorance Fuels TV Jokes, Misses Toxic Pesticide Message

America’s food fights are a joke.  They’ve become fodder for late-night television talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, whose viral YouTube video already has millions of viewers laughing at the ignorance of people who have no idea what GMOs are or why they’re avoiding them.  Not only does Kimmel’s bit not give much explanation about genetically […]

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Lunching Awesome with HALF TIME Review & Giveaway

Don’t forget to sign up for your free Flour Sack Mama & Clean Couponing newsletter here! This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own. I still have this idyllic concept that I’ll prepare everything from scratch each week for my kids’ lunches. I do make sure to pack fresh veggies […]

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Certified Naturally Grown Farms Helped by Knoxville Restaurant Event

A special Saturdays in the Garden report… Adrienne Gibson is very particular about choosing only organic seeds for her gardens at A Place of the Heart Farm in East Tennessee.  “I’m personally committed to organic,” Gibson told us.  Yet, her two and half acre farm run by family and friends is not anywhere near the […]

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Saturdays in the Garden: Completing Tomato Seed Saving

Don’t you wonder who the first person was to discover that letting something sit and ferment can be a good thing?  Even for organic gardening, where it’s common to play in the dirt and appreciate microorganisms, this seed saving method seems pretty gross. We told you last week about our beginning efforts to save tomato […]

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