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Leah Segedie founded ShiftCon media conference

Join 2nd Annual ShiftCon Blogging Conference

*Thanks for checking out the affiliate link below that gives you access to your very own ticket at $50 off through June 30! Do you find yourself going against the grain of what all the other bloggers or friends in your local community are doing?  Do you insist on reading food labels in the hunt […]

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garden spider on web suspended above kale plants

Saturdays in the Garden: Tiny Insect Inhabitants & Organic Care for the Ecosystem

Venture inside the organic garden gate and you’ll find a bustling world of tiny inhabitants.  These insects create an ecologically diverse community, giving to and receiving from various plants what each needs for survival.  Sure, an imbalance of pests can threaten a crop. That’s why integrated pest management is the ideal aim of organic gardeners. […]

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Cleaning House with NEW Non-Toxic Zoeganics!

*The following is a sponsored post for Zoeganics, but my opinions are always my own! Raise your hand if you love cleaning house!  You do, really?  Ok, so maybe you and that one  mom character in a movie I just watched loves to clean house day and night.  The rest of us know the importance […]

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The Radiant Woman’s Handbook – Book Review

(Book reviews may contain affiliate links to allowing you to purchase a book.) Do we really need another book on extreme dieting, unattainable beauty or celebrity lives?  Aren’t you tired of picking up self-help books or women’s magazines that begin by inspiring you but leave you feeling inadequate?  Maybe The Radiant Woman’s Handbook by author […]

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Love What’s Inside #Clean Couponing Twitter Party Next Thursday!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, maybe that special someone in your life will be buying you products to make you feel extra pretty! Maybe you’ll be buying something for yourself.  But have you tried reading the labels?  Can you pronounce all the words?  Me, either. Have you ever wondered how young is too young to […]

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FREE Guide Helps Find Non-Toxic School Supplies

Remember the fresh smell of a new vinyl nap mat for preschool or Kindergarten? Maybe you still experienced that with your young student this fall.  Remember slick, new vinyl notebooks in several colors for bigger kids? A consumer group offers a free study guide to help us equip our students without exposing them to unnecessary […]

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Picky Husband Picks New Ecover Dishwasher Detergent

The kitchen in the farmhouse where I grew up never had space for an automatic dishwasher.  As soon as I could stand on something to reach the sink, I became the dishwasher. When we were married, my husband declared himself the authority on loading and operating the fancy dishwashing machine in our kitchen. That’s always […]

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