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Saturdays in the Garden 2015

Get my newsletter by signing up here! As a young professional working in the news business, I didn’t think I had time to garden.  So, on a summer trip home to see my folks, they sent me home with an entire paper bag loaded down with homegrown tomatoes.  Somehow they survived the trip in the […]

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Book Review: Pre-Teens Grow Taller Through The Order of the Trees

Thanks so much for using my affiliate link below if you decide to buy this book.  It allows you to support this blog, at no additional cost to you. Pre-teen angst, a damsel in distress, an almost Disneyesque potential conclusion — all these elements are woven together by Vermont teacher Katy Farber in her new […]

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daffodil flower

Climate Change Brings Earlier Blooms, Longer Growing Seasons

Oh the sweetness of spring, the hopefulness of Easter and the delightfulness of longer, sunnier days!  I remember as a little girl being excited about the daffodils that grew on the hill outside our back door. Although they weren’t exactly Easter lilies, I recall a strong association between these flowers that my mother called jonquils […]

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What Tiny Insects Reveal About Waterways

Dr. Kevin Moulton, PhD in North Georgia Photo Courtesy Susan Moulton Navigating, hiking, and swimming skills are some non-so-obvious requirements for many research scientists.  Despite the long hours with microscopes and computers, most are also responsible for collecting their own specimens.  Although he sometimes has help, entomologist Kevin Moulton, PhD has spent long hours collecting […]

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The Buzz about Flies

Entomologist Kevin Moulton, PhD University of Tennessee with Specimen of New Fly Species Unwelcome guests at picnics, painstakingly screened out of our homes, even the subject of vicious children’s poems, flies get no respect.  Some of these winged creatures we see, many others we don’t.  But scientists appreciate the beauty of Diptera’s place in the […]

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Man versus Mother Nature

Don’t you just love the convenience of reaching for a can of something to solve your latest lawn and garden problem?  My husband does.  I suppose it’s a good thing that we’re trying organic gardening for personal reasons, and not applying for a genuine grower’s certification.  We keep having these little exceptions to the organic […]

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Fiddling Ferns

Fiddleheads curl, slowly unfurl, Bowing silent praises to the Creator. Humble forest fronds, fresh from the earth; Bracken playing its part in the larger arrangement. Some fabulous links about the science of ferns: Why Forests Need Ferns Harvard Research Info. University of Michigan Herbarium Great Smoky Mountains Assoc. offers a book A Master Gardener on […]

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