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Great Smoky Mountains Recovering from Historic Wildfires

It was an unusual drive into the nation’s most-visited national park in January.  Light green, winter rye grass was growing along the edges of the parkway entrances, as if hastily sown by the developer of a budget-priced subdivision.  Instead, this grass was holding together the frail edges where, in some steeper places where deeply-rooted trees […]

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Christians For The Mountains

As a Sunday school teacher at his local nondenominational church, Allen Johnson can teach lessons about the Beatitudes, Ten Commandments and other scriptural encounters with the Divine atop mountains.  He enjoys living in a beautiful area of the upper Appalachians on the border of Virginia and West Virginia.  But when he drives a few miles […]

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Tennessee Christians Promote Creation Care of Mountains

Drive along many of Appalachia’s scenic byways, and you may not notice what’s just over the ridge. A Tennessee-based Christian group is calling for all of us to peer closer, before it’s too late.  “Only God Should Move Mountains,” declares the flyer full of questions and answers, pasted with photos of rust-colored water and bare […]

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