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Woman running through field of organic cotton in shirt and blue jeans.

Organic Cotton Market has Growth Potential in USA

They’re creating the greenest sort of Made-in-the-USA product that you may have never heard of yet. Did you know America’s organic cotton farmers are the world’s 5th largest supplier of that raw material? Centralized mainly in Texas, a few dozen farmers are growing an estimated 16,000 acres in organic cotton this year. “The demand for […]

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Handmade in USA Gift Ideas

Braiding Brooms Did you know it takes 50 stalks of broom corn, the thickest part of the stalks cut and soaked 45 minutes, then a good deal of braiding, to create small brooms like they were made 118 years ago?  When’s the last time you’ve seen real cherry or maple construction in useful items like […]

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Surprising Non-Farm Finds for Farm Co-op Shoppers

Clearance-priced Christmas decorations, fair trade scarves and handcrafted jewelry colorfully fill the space several feet over from the typical boots and tack.  Buyer Annette Moore has stocked the welcoming space with a display of American-made toys, adorable children’s clothing and jars of local honey.  The customers I met while browsing around windchimes and garden flags […]

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Marble Factory Visit

Ronnie Wright proudly works with his hands and supervises a team of other workers who do the same in rural West Virginia.  He showed me how buckets full of colored glass get recycled into the sweltering furnace of the Marble King factory. Natural gas powers the process that turns leftover pieces from stained glass window […]

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