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Off-Season Lawn Prep

Maybe your lawn is still frozen under ice or snow.  But it’s only a matter of weeks before you can start preparations for a beautifully green spring.  We talked with Tanya Hans of All Natural Lawns and Landscape in Nashville, Tennessee about some prep we can do as early as late January in some parts […]

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Landscaping around Deer

We love to watch in awe as baby fawns and their deer families pass along our yard each year.  They come and go as they please, and occasionally they’ll tolerate my camera. I’m reminded that the deer love to munch on some of our landscaping, especially lilies and other plants with tender leaves. We sometimes […]

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Less Lawn, More Green

Oh, the satisfaction of having the perfectly manicured, weed-treated, uniform looking lawn!  That’s not our lawn.  If you live in a restricted subdivision, chances are that’s your only choice, even if you’d like to stray from convention. Funny how, despite his complaining about the time it takes, my husband enjoys his lawn mowing machines and […]

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Weeding Out Dandelions

Weeds or dinner salad?  Which do you consider dandelions?  Many cute stories have been written about children’s attraction to them.  So, I won’t bore you with how adorable my girls are when they spot them, seemingly everywhere these days, and exclaim something like, “look, pretty flowers!” Being a moderate on gardening practices makes tedious work […]

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Transplanting Trees

Time and patience can do much to beautify our yards.  When some volunteer seedlings popped up in the wrong places, my husband took a few minutes to baby one in a pot, and just leave the other one alone for a while. In this early spring when our ground is thawed, he has transplanted a promising magnolia and a thin maple […]

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