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ShiftCon Inspires Green Living for the Mainstream

FREE newsletter sign-up! Ever feel all alone in your quest to feed your family well on a budget?  Still feel like the only green family on your block?  If you blog, do you wonder if your audience really gets the educational messages you want them to hear?  Those are some of the challenges bloggers addressed […]

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Squeaky Clean & Safe Summer Supplies via Beautycounter Giveaway!

Links to convenient Beautycounter products included – thanks for considering supporting this blog through any future purchases!  I’m excited to share about squeaky clean & safe summer supplies via a giveaway by Beautycounter by Anne Brock. RSVP today for the #CleanCouponing Twitter party featuring Beautycounter on June 11! Sampling Kidscounter for my kids was the […]

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#MomsNotLovinIt Challenge McDonald’s to Stop Marketing to Children

“We are not predatory,” responded the CEO of the world’s most powerful restaurant chain to Kentucky mother Casey Hinds at the recent McDonald’s shareholder meeting.  Hinds and other concerned moms were asking tough questions, challenging the fast food giant to stop marketing to children.  CEO Don Thompson seemed downright charming when he responded, “We do […]

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Operating Room Recycling Efforts

The process of caring for a patient in a typical operating room usually produces four to five bags of trash and medical waste. But a cost-saving system available to hospitals now can potentially cut the number of trash bags in half. Parkridge Health System that includes three hospitals in Chattanooga, Tennessee is a leader in […]

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Honey & Pollen for Our Kitchen

Breakfast time at our house includes a tiny bit of bee pollen along with a little yogurt or juice.  Sometimes it includes hot cereal like brown rice or steel cut oats sweetened with raw, organically produced honey.  We were excited to receive our first mailed box of honey and pollen late this summer.  We purchased it from a […]

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