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Saturdays in the Garden: Pumpkin Harvest

Can pumpkins coexist with tomato plants?  They did in our little organic garden this summer! No, we didn’t plan in that way.  It’s just that I frugally reused compost from a section of the bin that contained several of last year’s pumpkin seeds.  Then several pumpkin plants cheerfully made themselves at home along the fence […]

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November Harvest in the Little Organic Family Garden

How is your garden growing in November? Our little organic family garden is still producing for us, all on its own. While newly planted kale and spinach seeds are germinating and beginning to grow, we’re still harvesting a few other yummy greens. The kale is thriving in this cooler weather, with the leaves growing larger […]

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Harvesting in the Little Organic Family Garden

We’ve started seeds indoors and planted directly in the spring.  We’ve watered and fertilized, weeded and waited.  We did some maintenance right on time, and let some slide, dealing with the consequences.  All in all, it was worth it again this year to grow a little, organic family garden. Our favorite new garden foods have […]

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Proud Heirloom Tomato Picking

I had promised Organic Cherry Sweetie tomatoes for dinner at my neighbor’s house, knowing they’d look pretty.To my surprise during picking, I also found my first, perfect Cherokee purple heirloom tomato, free of blossom rot.  I was so proud, I presented the tomato, intact, as a gift to my dinner hostess. I love how the […]

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Harvesting Summer Squash

Grilled squash, squash soup, squash to share with neighbors…it’s been a bumper crop for us so far!  Our family’s been growing two heirloom varieties of summer squash from Sow True Seed:  Golden Zucchini and Black Beauty Organic.  After last year’s battles with squash bugs, I’m especially happy that we’ve been able to harvest so much, […]

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