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Favorite Quote on GMOs in Food

Scientists and medical doctors are expressing concern about the safety of something in America’s food supply that didn’t exist decades earlier.  It’s genetically modified organisms — not hybrid plants, not necessarily plants at all, but patented, in-laboratory combinations of plants with genes from other species.  Estimates say 70-80% of processed foods you eat contain GMOs. […]

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In-Depth Discussions of Genetically Modified Food Happening Now

*The following article contains affiliate links to help continue bringing you news YOU want about topics that affect your life! If you are what you eat, what does it mean that we’re all eating genetically engineered food without informed consent? Scientists, physicians, farmers, business leaders and parents are taking an inside look at America’s food […]

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Food: KISS

Our homes and lives have become so busy and sophisticated…we can’t even understand what we’re eating anymore.  Really, have you tried reading the labels?  Maybe we just need to go back to the KISS method:  keep it simple, stupid.  No, we’re not stupid; we’re just uninformed.  How can we keep food simple enough as to […]

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Stacy Malkan’s GMOs: What You Need to Know Virtual Conference

*The following article contains affiliate links to help continue bringing you news YOU want about topics that affect your life! Should I turn the kids loose in the cereal aisle or limit their choices?  Does it really matter what most USDA-approved school lunches are full of these days?  High fructose corn syrup is the same […]

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Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Farmers vs Monsanto Food Fight

Family farmers and seed growers are disappointed in the United States Supreme Court’s decision to not hear landmark case Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association et al v Monsanto.  The organic and non-GMO farmers feel their concerns about defending themselves from genetically modified organism crop contamination should be heard.  Their case also states concerns about the […]

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Tennessee Families March Against Monsanto, for GMO Food Labeling

John and Callie Schindler were shopping in downtown Knoxville with baby boy Levi when they saw the long line of marchers in red t-shirts calling for GMO labeling.  They paused for a moment, noting that this food matter is something they’re concerned about every day. “We try to feed him GMO-free food,” they explained about […]

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Shopping Tips on Avoiding GMOs

You can’t tell by looking at the food, and you can’t even tell by reading the label in the United States.  Yet many of the foods we eat may be genetically modified. Advocates and consumers support a label on foods to notify of genetically modified origins. And California residents are about to vote on GMO […]

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