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Favorite Quote on Heirloom Seeds

Are you and your children planting a garden this summer?  Even if you grow one vegetable together or try the simple activity of showing how a bean sprouts, you may be planting a seed deeper than you realize.  Here’s our favorite quote from the little boy who grew up to create one of the world’s […]

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Favorite Quote on Thoughtful Gardening

Gardening has a range of meaning for people.  We were impressed with this quote from a gardener who feels tasked to garden for a greater purpose. Find out how Lemza and her fellow gardeners are faithfully tending their community.  Full story here. For more photos that don’t always fit in our garden stories, follow Flour […]

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daffodil flower

Climate Change Brings Earlier Blooms, Longer Growing Seasons

Oh the sweetness of spring, the hopefulness of Easter and the delightfulness of longer, sunnier days!  I remember as a little girl being excited about the daffodils that grew on the hill outside our back door. Although they weren’t exactly Easter lilies, I recall a strong association between these flowers that my mother called jonquils […]

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Berries and Blooms

Unripened Blueberries Instant gratification it’s not.  I doubt we’ll be picking enough blueberries for a pie this year.  It was satisfying to see the first few, unripened, unseasonably early berries on the little plant that made its home with us a few weeks ago.  It seemed encouraging that the young bush had taken root and […]

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Master Gardener Shares Top Picks for Landscape Edibles

Buncombe County Master Gardener Sheila Dunn started her talk to a packed room of interested gardeners by explaining that no growing system is perfect or completely effortless.  After her talk, the locals lined up, interested in whether she had enough free starts of her strawberry plants to give away.  With years of experience behind her, […]

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Gardening Basics with Composting

Seems we’ve been happily throwing banana peels, teabags and eggshells into the backyard compost pile without stopping to think about what’s next. Sure, I turn it every chance I get and add layers of dirt, clippings and dried leaves, but it’s not going to win any awards for heated perfection. The worms definitely like it, […]

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Gardeners Adding Hens to Backyards

Gardening alone can seem like a challenge to a typical busy family, urban or rural.  What happens when you add the responsibility of livestock into the mix?  It’s what a youthful generation of aspiring small-scale farmers are doing in the permaculture movement: adding animals who can naturally fertilize the soil while bringing other benefits. In Nashville, backyard […]

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