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children planting seeds with teacher

Kids Day at Oak Ridge, Tennessee Farmers Market

“Where does your body get its energy?” “Batteries?” “Your body runs on food…” “Who knows where we get protein?” asked the guest at the front of the room. “Protein bars,” answered the anxious 3rd grader holding up his hand! “Well, that’s a processed food,” retired teacher Marjorie Ford answered patiently.  The East Tennessee farmer went […]

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Leah Segedie founded ShiftCon media conference

Join 2nd Annual ShiftCon Blogging Conference

*Thanks for checking out the affiliate link below that gives you access to your very own ticket at $50 off through June 30! Do you find yourself going against the grain of what all the other bloggers or friends in your local community are doing?  Do you insist on reading food labels in the hunt […]

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Online Oscars Viewing Party Entices with Hot French Cuisine

I wanted to let you know about a live, online opportunity coming up this weekend with Stonyfield, as part of the #StonyfieldBlogger network! Who else is ready to snuggle up to some hot Oscars viewing on Sunday evening?  Many of us have been in snow shoveling, school closing, cabin fever mode because of February’s tempestuous […]

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The Food Babe Way Spurs Consumer Awareness at Grocery Store

*May contain affiliate links for books where you can read more for yourself. Question everything at the grocery store and restaurant.  Become a food detective for the sake of your own health and well-being. That’s the premise behind author Vani Hari’s new book The Food Babe Way, that’s destined to become a best-seller!  I can […]

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Slow Money Attracts Investors, Farmers & Entrepreneurs with Vision

Imagine investing in a small business with no expectation of a return on that investment to you personally.  Would you do it?  People from around the United States are jumping at the chance to be part of something bigger than themselves that will never make them rich.  They use the tongue-in-cheek lingo Beetcoin to describe […]

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