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Colorful Swiss Chard

“Is this rhubarb?” I awkwardly asked the vendor at the Farmers’ Market in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee,  thinking of baking a sweet, tangy pie.  Dean Yoder patiently explained that it was the “bright lights” variety of Swiss chard that had caught my eye.  The stalks ranged from yellow to pink to orange.  I decided I needed […]

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Farm Market Canning Demonstrations

Think you’re just too busy to preserve any of the summer’s fresh foods yourself?  Or concerned that it’s too complicated?  Casey Littell says if you can boil water, use a timer and follow basic directions, you’re ready to start canning. Littell volunteers on behalf of Slow Food Knoxville to teach canning techniques at her local […]

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Organic, Hydroponic Greens

Heart of Christmas Farms Composting and good dirt are such fundamental parts of most organic gardens that it’s hard to imagine any other way.  What if you didn’t need any dirt? Heart of Christmas Farms is proving that it can be done, on rural acreage a short drive from Orlando, Florida. Richard and Diane Kann have built […]

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Honey from Hive to Kitchen

Knowing honeybees visit 2 million flowers before gathering enough nectar for one pound of honey makes me feel a bit guilty about eating the fruits of their labor.  But the sourwood honey that Carl and Virginia Webb sent home with my family was so exquisite, it’s been on the dinner table or kitchen counter nearly […]

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Mobile Farmers’ Market Feeds a Community

Roasted beet salad, fresh local spinach and scallions sound like menu details from an upscale restaurant.  They’re what’s new this spring at the cafeteria of Takoma Regional Hospital in Greeneville, Tennessee.  Chef Mary Goldman is excited to include some fresh, local produce for the first time this year.  A chef getting a say over wholesale food orders for her […]

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Food Label Fatigue

Remember several years ago when all processed foods at the grocery store started using a uniform labeling system to show us calories, fat grams and nutrients?  It was such a reassuring step toward helping us know exactly what we were eating.  Maybe even help us maintain a healthy weight.  Of course, there were all of […]

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Holiday Sugar Substitutes

I’m guessing I’m not the only mom out there who strategizes between Halloween and the Christmas season on how to minimize the damage from candy.  I’m always looking for holiday sugar substitutes, and I don’t mean artificial sweetener.  I find myself eventually throwing away bags full of candy that I’ve hidden from my children at […]

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Unscrambling Egg Labeling for Consumers

Perhaps part of your busy day involves shopping at the local store for groceries. When you stop at the dairy case for eggs, you spot a carton with a picture of green pastures or some other bucolic scene. Here’s a happy looking chicken. There’s another carton with some reassuring words such as “natural” or “free […]

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