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Saturdays in the Garden: Reflections & Photos

We spend most Saturdays in the Garden sharing about organic gardening progress and reviewing growing tips.  This weekend, we’re sharing more photos and taking time to reflect on what gardening means for our souls. What does gardening mean to you when you step through the garden gate?  For me, it’s a chance to commune with […]

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It’s a favorite saying of the saints, perhaps inspired by holy scripture.  May you “bloom where you are planted.”  Around the same time of the year when I’m preoccupied with what we’ll grow in the vegetable garden or display in a flower bed, I only have to look up to see the beauty all around […]

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Bamboo Supports for Zinnia Flowers

These zinnia flowers have found their home in our flower bed and reappear year after year.  They stand so tall that they need a little support.  So my husband placed three small steel rebar into the ground, covered the rebar with bamboo tubes, and strung a little twine in front of the flowers.

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Chemical-Free Weed Killing Project

Eco-conscious gardeners have been using newspapers for years to stunt the growth of weeds in lawns and gardens.  This inexpensive material offers yet another way to avoid toxic chemical sprays. Some use several layers of newspaper to most effectively stop weeds.  Here’s how we used newspapers on a small home project to clean up an […]

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Saving Zinnia Seeds

Zinnias stretch toward the sky in their brightly colored hues outside my garden gate. They remind me of a neighbor’s kindness in sharing some when we first moved to our home.  They remind me of God’s abundance when we seemingly do nothing. They simply grow.  And now we’ll be cutting some to cheer up another […]

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Sweet Spring Viburnum Flowers

Spring keeps pushing forth, with some cool days and cold rain.  This viburnum surprised us this week with its compact displays of little pink flower buds that pop open into white. The fragrance is sweet, something between a magnolia flower and wild honeysuckle.  The birds will later enjoy berries from this shrub.  I’m glad we […]

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