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What You Need to Know about Farming

Family farms that once filled America’s countryside are both shrinking and disappearing.  These were the stuff of a diverse, local and regional food system that once provided the security of knowing you could stock your pantry from what was grown just down the road.  Space was plentiful for growing large market gardens.  If you wanted […]

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Organic Growers Still Defending Rights

Kansas Rancher Jake Geiger A strong network of family, friends and neighbors made it possible for Kansas rancher Jake Geiger to travel to New York City for a landmark court event.  He could count on someone caring for his favorite foundation quarterhorse, Hollywood Leolo, and the other livestock while he joined fellow plaintiffs in the […]

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Preserving a Future in Family Farming

Ask the farmers at the typical feed co-op or coffee shop if they’d willingly give up some land rights, and you might just offend somebody. At least, that’s the conventional way of looking at things.  Ask farmers if they’d like to see their land stay in the family and see their community stay whole, you might get […]

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Why Eat Local Food?

Organically Grown, Hydroponic Lettuce Food you find at the store might have an appealing label.  But the Slow Food Farm Relations Chair for the greater Orlando area says you might want to look beyond that label.  Richard Kann, a respected organic farmer himself, says while organic standards are good, and he follows them, loopholes allow […]

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Organic, Hydroponic Greens

Heart of Christmas Farms Composting and good dirt are such fundamental parts of most organic gardens that it’s hard to imagine any other way.  What if you didn’t need any dirt? Heart of Christmas Farms is proving that it can be done, on rural acreage a short drive from Orlando, Florida. Richard and Diane Kann have built […]

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Rodale Institute Studies Organic Farming

Rural Eastern Pennsylvania’s rolling green fields include a 333-acre farm that’s leading the way for organic crop research.  The nonprofit Rodale Institute has finished a year of farm trials, including a study on arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungus, which can help plants thrive when it lives in healthy relationship with their roots.  The Institute boasts of running the longest ever study […]

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