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Show of Support for Farmers Gathering in Washington, DC

Maine farmer and OSGATA President Jim Gerritsen Photo courtesy:  OSGATA People from around the country are gathering in a show of support for small farmers and seed growers who want to preserve American agriculture. They’re planning a peaceful citizens’ assembly in Washington, DC on Thursday, January 10. Iowa-based, family farm inspired group Food Democracy Now […]

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Ongoing Seed Struggle Affects Consumers

What do consumers have at stake in the ongoing conflict between small, often organic, growers and agricultural business Monsanto? Depends on who you ask.The leader in biotechnology boasts yields that help farmers and feed the world.  Spokesman Tom Helscher described biotech ag as something not at odds with independent growers. “As we have stated clearly, […]

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Goliath Wins Latest Round of Food Fight

*Update: Supreme Court refuses to hear case. Organic farmers and seed growers are vowing to take their fight with Monsanto on to appeals court now that a judge has ruled to dismiss their case against the agriculture giant.  The judge had listened to oral arguments in Federal District Court in Manhattan in January while hundreds of small farm supporters rallied outside. […]

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Justice Sought for Farmers and Consumers

*Update: Supreme Court refuses to hear case. More than 100 million people are expected to tune in soon for the Super Bowl, munching their way through the second biggest food consumption day of the year, festivities complete with rock stars. When spectators numbered only in the hundreds and mainstream media was noticeably absent, the nation’s […]

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Friends of Farmers Supportive in New York

*Update: Supreme Court refuses to hear case Years from now, will our children and grandchildren have the choice to grow their own organic food or at least be able to buy it from a US farmer?  Will the air, water and soil around them be close enough to what our Creator intended to support healthy […]

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