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Great Plains Farmer Preserves Old World Agriculture

Kansas Organic Farmer Jake Geiger at Family Monument in Robinson When Jake Geiger’s ancestors planted and harvested crops in Central Europe, they probably used many of the same techniques he does today.  They would have rotated crops, used livestock manure as fertilizer and outsmarted pests without synthetic pesticides. The fifth generation family farmer in Northeast […]

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Georgia Farmer Converts Fields to Grow Gourds

C.L. Arnsdorff of Turkey Branch Gourds C.L. Arnsdorff and his wife, Willene, used to keep the typical sort of farm you might expect to see in rural Georgia.  They grew fields full of soybeans and corn.  They had plenty of acres for raising cattle, hogs and goats.  They lived in a tidy rancher surrounded by level acreage, with stands […]

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