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Dad’s Rugged Determination

He doesn’t hop on and off the John Deere the way he used to.  Doesn’t even try getting behind the wheel of the GMC pickup.  Yet, the highlight of each day is surveying the Brock family farm and its inhabitants from the truck. He has to be outdoors.  Has to be in charge.  It’s who […]

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Kids Day at Oak Ridge, Tennessee Farmers Market

“Where does your body get its energy?” “Batteries?” “Your body runs on food…” “Who knows where we get protein?” asked the guest at the front of the room. “Protein bars,” answered the anxious 3rd grader holding up his hand! “Well, that’s a processed food,” retired teacher Marjorie Ford answered patiently.  The East Tennessee farmer went […]

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Certified Naturally Grown Farms Helped by Knoxville Restaurant Event

A special Saturdays in the Garden report… Adrienne Gibson is very particular about choosing only organic seeds for her gardens at A Place of the Heart Farm in East Tennessee.  “I’m personally committed to organic,” Gibson told us.  Yet, her two and half acre farm run by family and friends is not anywhere near the […]

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Back to the Roots Restaurant Week for East Tennessee with Certified Naturally Grown

When you spend your hard-earned money to dine at a restaurant, do you savor ingredients from a giant can that traveled hundreds of miles via a food service company  or would you rather eat from a local farm?  East Tennesseans who prefer real, farm-fresh food have the chance to support the local food economy with […]

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Urban Community Farm Produces for Needy, Needs More Tennessee Volunteers

Want more thoughtful content like this?  Subscribe to Flour Sack Mama’s newsletter to stay in touch! The muscadine grapes were bursting to be picked, a few late summer berries were still hanging on, and the weeds made their last stand under the hands of energetic volunteers at the Saturday work day. Beardsley Community Farm was […]

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Green Goes Mainstream: Rodale Institute says Organic Agriculture Could Reverse Climate Change

World leaders, Fortune 500 executives and climate scientists are all discussing solutions to impending climate change chaos. They’re crunching numbers and exploring how new technology could help.  In our ongoing Green Goes Mainstream series, we hear from agriculture experts who’ve discovered that the solution to climate change could be right under our feet. Leading research […]

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Hospital Farms for Better Health with Rodale Institute

Sign up here to get my free newsletter! Hospital Farms for Better Health with Rodale Institute Greek physician Hippocrates is famously attributed with telling us, “…let food be thy medicine.”  Yet Western medicine has been slow to embrace the simplicity of this wisdom.  Finally, US physicians can write “prescriptions” for discharged patients that include healthy […]

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University of Tennessee Farmers’ Market Open May through October

East Tennessee can once again get a taste of organic produce grown at the University of Tennessee’s experimental farm.  Interns with the UT Harvest Market will be sharing their harvests each Wednesday afternoon from 4 to 7 pm at the UT Gardens. Vegetables available in May have included kohlrabi, swiss chard, lettuce and kale.  The […]

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