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Nonprofit Supporters Send 100% of Donations to Haitian School

Christian friends Karen Stevenson, Marcia Fisher and Ludner St. Amour gathered recently with others in East Tennessee for an early Thanksgiving meal of sorts. While the aroma of food poured from the oven and they waiting on more friends to arrive, they shared what they’re doing to help the poorest children in Haiti overcome starvation […]

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Helping Haiti’s Schoolchildren

Floods and Hurricane Sandy have brought recent deaths to Haiti, the heavily impoverished island nation still recovering from a major earthquake in 2010.  Deforestation and dysfunction have long been hallmarks of Haiti. Yet, many residents are finding hope. The Christian School of New Vision in La Jeune educates 800 poor children, feeds them one meal […]

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Congrats to Go Green, Save Green Book Winner

Congrats to Tana S. for winning the free copy of Go Green, Save Green, the book by Christian author Nancy Sleeth of nonprofit group Blessed Earth, donated by Lindquist Environmental Appalachian Fellowship. Thanks to everyone who entered and shared this giveaway. Here’s what I thought about the book: What if you could save hundreds, even […]

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Christians For The Mountains

As a Sunday school teacher at his local nondenominational church, Allen Johnson can teach lessons about the Beatitudes, Ten Commandments and other scriptural encounters with the Divine atop mountains.  He enjoys living in a beautiful area of the upper Appalachians on the border of Virginia and West Virginia.  But when he drives a few miles […]

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Green Inspirations

A walk in the woods or a wade in the creek has always been my favorite sort of way to spiritually recharge and connect with my Creator.  This innate sense of where I come from has inspired the urge to provide as much green space as possible for my children. Here are a few faith-based, green […]

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Faith Communities Flock to Heifer Ranch

It’s typical to find the parking lot filled with church vans at Heifer Ranch.  Groups pay their way to experience lives of poverty in the Global Village.  They come from all over. They come from many different churches, not necessarily touting the same religious message. I asked assistant manager Diane Gunvalson why she thinks Heifer […]

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Is God Green?

Is God green?  Jonathan Merritt thinks so.  This Southern pastor’s kid grew up to make a name for himself as a popular faith and culture writer in recent years.  As a young adult with degrees in divinity and theology, he’s managed to get Southern Baptists to talk about climate change and to connect with the wider world […]

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Meet the Author of Almost Amish

Admit it.  You’ve probably done the same thing I have in the store checkout line.  You’ve picked up one of the flashy women’s magazines with the fabulous photos and headlines, thinking this will be the article with the answers to finally becoming more beautiful, successful, organized, and better at cooking from scratch.  Then we’re almost […]

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