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sunsphere in Knoville

Southeast’s Sunsphere, Shiny Train, Cleaner Energy Choices for TVA

Taking the elevator to the top of the Knoxville’s landmark Sunsphere was the highlight of a downtown summer field trip for my family.  The girls marveled during the short ride up that we’d be climbing so high, then they scouted for different Knoxville landmarks through the golden glass on the observation floor.  I pointed out […]

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Book Review: Pre-Teens Grow Taller Through The Order of the Trees

Thanks so much for using my affiliate link below if you decide to buy this book.  It allows you to support this blog, at no additional cost to you. Pre-teen angst, a damsel in distress, an almost Disneyesque potential conclusion — all these elements are woven together by Vermont teacher Katy Farber in her new […]

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Forest Lichen & Other Sights in Snow

There’s just something magical about snow for creating a stark background for discovering forest growth!  This little bit of forest is always a bit damp. The trees tend to host partnerships of algae and fungi called lichen, while ferns anxiously pose, ready for spring. Here’s a look inside my quiet forest as the snow starts […]

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Why Climate is an Issue Close to any Mom’s Heart

Unless you happen to be a marine biologist already studying ocean acidification or a firefighter on seasonal duty in the nation’s great forests, climate change might not be on your personal radar.  That’s absolutely understandable.  From your role as a mother, if you’re not also a scientist, you might have not yet been concerned about […]

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EPA Responds to Environmental Advocates, to Set Rules on Coal Ash Disposal

The Environmental Protection Agency is taking long-awaited steps to determine the safest way of dealing with coal ash waste from United States power plants.  More than 136 million tons of the stuff is produced each year in the US per government estimates.  The EPA has responded to a coalition of environmental watchdogs by agreeing to […]

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Unacceptable Levels Screenings Soon in Texas, Louisiana, California,Tennessee

Does it seem acceptable to you that our babies are born prepolluted with traces of toxic chemicals and that Americans carry some of the globe’s highest levels of toxins in our blood? The independent film about a young family’s quest to understand how so many toxic chemicals got into our bodies might be coming to […]

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Researchers Find Endocrine Disrupting Waters Near Fracking Sites

Waters near sites of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in Colorado have higher-than-normal hormone disrupting properties, according to a newly released study.   This points to measurable changes to both surface and groundwater that could be a threat to public health.  It’s the latest in a slew of studies pointing to health and environmental concerns […]

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STRONG, not scared: UT Medical Center Physician to Speak after Unacceptable Levels Knoxville Screening

***BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Ragi Doggweiler, the physician who is Director of Integrative Healthcare at UT Cancer Institute, has agreed to be our featured guest speaker after the Knoxville screening of Unacceptable Levels!  Dr. Doggweiler will address the audience briefly and be available to answer questions. We are efforting the ability for ticket sales to expand […]

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