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No More Dim Bulbs: ENERGY STAR & Zombies

Post done in cooperation with ENERGY STAR. Have you tried LED bulbs only to be disappointed in the dim or strangely tinted light they created? Apparently the latest greenwashing coming to a retailer near you is a cheap knockoff of an LED lightbulb that doesn’t meet ENERGY STAR standards. We know LEDS save energy and […]

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Home Insulating Tips from an ENERGY STAR Expert

Do you feel a draft when the winter wind blows past your house?  Do you feel a shock when the heating bill arrives?  Maybe it’s time to add a comfortable layer of insulation and seal up those problem areas. is asking ENERGY STAR Sealing and Insulating expert Doug Anderson about home energy conservation and we’re sharing […]

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Do One Thing Thursday with Energy Star: Change a Filter

How long has it been since you changed the filters on your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system?  If it’s been more than three months, it’s time.  On this Do One Thing Thursday with Energy Star, we’re remembering to change HVAC filters every one to three months. The Energy Star program reminds us that […]

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Do One Thing Thursday with Energy Star

You save energy at home, but do your good habits go out the window when you travel? They don’t have to.  On Do One Thing Thursday with Energy Star, we’re encouraged to find ways to green our travel, saving energy and maybe even money.   At, we’ve shared tips to green your vacation. You’re […]

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Free Summer Family Activities with ENERGY STAR

Summer has started with a splash in our neighborhood!  When the kids aren’t running through the backyard or heading for the pool, they need a few indoor projects to keep them busy. I love the free, family friendly activities at the new Team ENERGY STAR website.  They include free coloring pages, printable activity sheets with […]

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