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Celebrating the Comforts of Soup

Before you even reach the kitchen you know something good is on the stove, because you smell the aroma of homemade soup.  Especially in fall and winter, we savor the comforts as well as the nourishment served up in a bowl or a cup. What makes soup a seasonal favorite?  What goes inside, of course. […]

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Back to the Roots Restaurant Week for East Tennessee with Certified Naturally Grown

When you spend your hard-earned money to dine at a restaurant, do you savor ingredients from a giant can that traveled hundreds of miles via a food service company  or would you rather eat from a local farm?  East Tennesseans who prefer real, farm-fresh food have the chance to support the local food economy with […]

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Fresh Roadside Produce

The eight-foot-high stalks topped with bright sunflowers caught my eye on my scenic drive along the highway in rural Morgan County, Tennessee. Then I noticed the sign telling me corn was for sale. I stopped to meet Louis Basler and his brother-in-law, Garland Heidel, who were selling sweet ambrosia corn from their family farms.  I […]

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Colorful Swiss Chard

“Is this rhubarb?” I awkwardly asked the vendor at the Farmers’ Market in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee,  thinking of baking a sweet, tangy pie.  Dean Yoder patiently explained that it was the “bright lights” variety of Swiss chard that had caught my eye.  The stalks ranged from yellow to pink to orange.  I decided I needed […]

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Grading School Lunch

I’ve been hearing about efforts to improve lunch in public schools.  So, when I had the opportunity to dine in a school cafeteria, I was prepared to be dazzled.  I have to admit feeling underwhelmed.  While the atmosphere and people involved all seem wonderful, the overall meal was a disappointment.  If this is the best we can do […]

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Life out of the Fast Food Lane

Duston Morris, PhD health science (photo courtesy 3 Sport Fitness coaching and training) Is your family still struggling to get out of the fast food lane?  Our is still making efforts to completely break this unhealthy habit.  Health and fitness expert Duston Morris, PhD, has been encouraging me to make better choices everyday that affect our […]

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