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STRONG, not scared: Light The Night for Avery’s Family

A feisty furball of a Pomeranian named Calhoun is one of the few things that can make Avery Baker smile these days. Calhoun even trumps the brand new Glow With the Show Ears delivered as a special gift from Minnie Mouse.   The adorable five-year-old solemnly gave her personal approval for some of her young […]

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How We Saved at Disney

Can your family have a fun Disney vacation experience without jeopardizing the kids’ college funds?  Our family was relieved to find out the answer is “yes.”  We’re not one of those families with the means for an expensive vacation every year.  We had saved and waited until we felt both our girls would appreciate and remember the trip to […]

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Disney-Inspired Gardening

Gardening inspiration blooms every spring during Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival. It greets visitors with friendly topiaries and spreads vibrant color around every corner of the park. This May, I had the treat of talking with Horticulture Manager Eric Darden about how he uses plants as both backdrops and focal points. It’s one of those […]

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Growing Disney Magic at Epcot

The gasps were audible as families approached the entrance.  The “Oh, my gosh”es and “Look at that” and “You want your picture taken with Woody?” were frequent phrases.  Most families waited their turn for a professional photo in front of the Toy Story-inspired sculptures as they entered Epcot during this latest Flower & Garden Festival.  As expected, […]

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