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Weaving a College Education in Kentucky

A first generation college student whose mother or grandmother had taught her to weave could at one time trade a handmade coverlet for tuition in rural Kentucky. The sturdy, background of warp threads has long been in place. Over time, the colorful weft threads have been woven back and forth, in intricate patterns, sometimes undone […]

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Gourd Art for Kids

Our entire family enjoyed our recent visit with the gourd art enthusiasts in Effington County, Georgia.  The girls ran off some energy in the wide open spaces at Turkey Branch Gourds farm.  C.L. and Willene Arnsdorff sent them home with one professonally painted apple motif gourd birdhouse, plus two cleanly scrubbed gourds ready for painting. […]

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Gourd History & Utility

Arts and crafts don’t get much more homegrown than gourds, picked from a local farmer’s field, or grown in your own backyard garden. When I had the opportunity to visit gourd artist and instructor Charlotte Durrence, she told me that archaeological evidence shows gourds have been around for at least 5,000 years. Durrence notes that […]

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Gourds Go from Garden to Art Canvas

Charlotte Durrence, Gourd Artist Charlotte Durrence’s backyard in Springfield, Georgia looks much like that of any other caring grandmother.  There’s ample green space to run and play, shady trees and manicured landscaping. She’s hung pretty birdhouses and listens to the gurgle of a decorative fountain. After visiting with her and touring around the place a bit, […]

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Recycled Paper Project

What if we made our own note cards from recycled paper?  How many dollars and trees could we save? My daughters helped me try it, and what a messy but fun project! First, they helped me tear up old newspapers, cardboard and other paper into small pieces. Then, we soaked it overnight in water until […]

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