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Celebrating the Comforts of Soup

Before you even reach the kitchen you know something good is on the stove, because you smell the aroma of homemade soup.  Especially in fall and winter, we savor the comforts as well as the nourishment served up in a bowl or a cup. What makes soup a seasonal favorite?  What goes inside, of course. […]

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Blogger Shares about Her Journey to Gluten Free Living

Kim Pebley is a blogger who’s overcome celiac disease, now sharing her story and gluten free resources with others.  Here’s our recent conversation:   Q: How old were you when you discovered you had celiac disease and how did that change your life? A: In 2008, I just couldn’t accept that my awful gastrointestinal symptoms […]

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Family Coping with Celiac Finds Ways to Go Gluten Free

Friends get excited when Melissa “Mimi” Rogers bakes for them.  They often put in special request for birthday cakes. But by tasting, you’d never know that Rogers bakes exclusively gluten free foods.  She learned the kitchen arts from her grandmother.  “My grandma was a cook all her life. She started cooking at a restaurant when […]

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Flour Sack Mama’s Carrot-Coconut Muffin Recipe

*This post contains affiliate links. Did you know June is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month?  The beginning of summer, when gardens and farmers’ markets are bursting with freshness, is the ideal time to appreciate the goodness of real, wholesome foods! I’m raising my kids to appreciate the simple taste of foods like organic carrot […]

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Home Show Cooking and More

The cooking continues this weekend on stage at the Knoxville Home Design and Remodeling Show, with more scrumptious dishes by the Sisters of the Skillet, Knox Heritage Cookbook and Blue Sky Cafe.  It was a fun Saturday morning for our family as we demonstrated light, yogurt-inspired recipes from Stonyfield Organic. was able to share how we make Stonyfield’s Spring Herbed Pasta […]

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Carrot Cake Challenge

My husband knows to expect the unusual sometimes  in our family’s quest for real food. So, he wasn’t surprised when we celebrated his birthday with not one, but two competing cakes. He likes carrot cake.  I mixed up a common boxed variety, plus an old-fashioned made-from-scratch cake from a popular cookbook recipe.  Both had a homemade […]

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Making Homemade Granola

The girls seem to appreciate when we prepare more of our own snack foods at home.  Often it’s as simple as slicing up an apple.  Or I try to bake more wholesome cookies than we would necessarily buy at the store.  This time, we’ve been inspired to try making our own granola.  Even if it’s […]

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