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Thousands Plan to Draw the Line Saturday on Keystone XL

“That money’s burning a hole in your pocket!”   “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” “Waste not, want not.”   Anybody else grow up hearing those truisms?  Those same generations of folks that raised us on some rather conservative values were also the generations that viewed any sort of technological progress as something that […]

Continue Reading By on September 18, 2013 in air, backyard, Bill McKibben, biodiversity, climate change, community, conservation, energy, environmental health, environmentalism, Keystone XL’s Bill McKibben Inspires Sustainability in America’s Secret City Co-Founder Bill McKibben Ever notice how the most skillful teachers never have to raise their voice to be heard by a classroom full of students? Instead, their technique can involve an attention-getting near-whisper.  Sitting in a hushed auditorium filled with people of all ages felt it must be like sitting in Bill McKibben’s Methodist […]

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Transcript:’s Bill McKibben Shares Human Costs of Climate Change & Innovative Solutions Co-Founder Bill McKibben with Blogger Anne Brock of Could your family get involved in something today to help curb climate change?  Could your church, your local college, your community?  Still wondering why you should care?’s Bill McKibben sat down with Anne Brock of to share his urgent message about something that […]

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Fevered: Why a Hotter Planet Will Hurt Our Health – and How We Can Save Ourselves (Book Review)

Lazy summer evenings in the backyard require more vigilance against mosquitoes.  A bite threatens to be more than itchy, with previously third-world maladies like West Nile virus and dengue hemorrhagic fever becoming real threats in the United States. More children carry inhalers as the air becomes polluted with higher levels of irritating natural allergens as […]

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Big Screen Fun for My Little Energy Star

Christmas gifts came early for my thoughtful kid that we call our little energy star!  The delivery of her prizes from LG came just in time to spend Thanksgiving watching some favorite family movies on the beautiful new  television screen.  Her TEAM Energy Star short essay on saving energy was a national winner.Thanks to LG […]

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Plans for Smart Jobs in Central Appalachia

The community is buzzing about a free health clinic in the works for next year.  But even bigger plans are in the air around Williamson, West Virginia.  Plans for a future where more local residents might have employment in emerging industries like solar.  A future where the entire community’s health might improve in this part of Central Appalachia. JOBS Project […]

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Joplin Tornado Memorial & Aftermath

Courtesy:  Jeremy Haun How I wish that President Obama were visiting the little corner of the world where I grew up because someone there had finally found a cure for cancer, or won the Nobel peace prize, or earned a sports championship.  I wish I could celebrate from afar, instead of grieving.  Instead, this city that rarely […]

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Joplin Tornado Too Close to Home

I grew up in a tiny Ozarks town near the larger city of Joplin, Missouri.  This deadly Joplin tornado hits too close to home. Photo by Eric Haun: devastation in Joplin, MO neighborhood The tornado damage that happened there a few hours ago is apparently so devastating that as I write this, there’s no clear […]

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