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Riverkeeper Shares Clean Water Concerns about Fracking with Women’s Voices for the Earth

You turn on the faucet in your kitchen every day expecting clean water for your family to drink.  We’ve long known that keeping watersheds clean is key to protecting our access to safe drinking water, and the public pays for utilities to provide this.  Sometimes droughts even call for water restrictions in parts of the […]

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Ozarks Water Quality

Tires and trash are typical finds when Missouri Steam Team volunteers conduct water cleanups.  Plus, volunteers take thousands of samples for ongoing water quality reports.  Their latest 2013 report shows reason for concern about nitrate, ammonia and phosphate among other contaminates in public waterways.  These can come from a variety of human activities and agricultural sources. […]

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Nationwide Interest Grows in Mizzou Fracking Research

*The following post is brought to you by Toxic Baby. People from as far and wide as New York to Texas and from Oregon to Tennessee gathered to discuss the health implications of #MizzouFrackingResearch on endocrine disrupting chemicals found in water near hydraulic fracturing sites.  Hosted by @FlourSackMama, we were joined by scientists Susan Nagel, […]

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Arkansas Residents Lose Struggle to Keep “Treated” Fracking Wastewater Out of Streams

Arkansas residents have lost their case to protect public waterways from legal dumping of “treated” fracking wastewater.  Earlier this year, an administrative law judge ruled in favor of Southeastern Energy Corporation or SEECO, owned by Southwestern Energy. SEECO sought its permits in cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and now has permission to […]

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Permit Allows Treated Fracking Wastewater into Arkansas Streams

(This article originally ran on on May 9, 2013.  What was originally reported as a pending permit has been approved by Arkansas officials.) Remember making an enclosed terrarium as a schoolkid, learning that a little bit of moisture inside would keep recycling and sustaining life just like on earth?  This concept of water conservation […]

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EPA Responds to Environmental Advocates, to Set Rules on Coal Ash Disposal

The Environmental Protection Agency is taking long-awaited steps to determine the safest way of dealing with coal ash waste from United States power plants.  More than 136 million tons of the stuff is produced each year in the US per government estimates.  The EPA has responded to a coalition of environmental watchdogs by agreeing to […]

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Chemical Spill Leaves Many West Virginians Without Clean Tap Water, Unclear When It Will Be Safe

Days after an industrial chemical spill was discovered in West Virginia, people in all or part of nine counties are still unable to use their tap water.  Governor Tomblin’s office Tweeted another reminder for residents. REMINDER: Do Not Use order still in effect for parts of Boone, Cabell, Clay, Jackson, Kanawha, Lincoln, Logan, Putnam & […]

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Researchers Find Endocrine Disrupting Waters Near Fracking Sites

Waters near sites of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in Colorado have higher-than-normal hormone disrupting properties, according to a newly released study.   This points to measurable changes to both surface and groundwater that could be a threat to public health.  It’s the latest in a slew of studies pointing to health and environmental concerns […]

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Clean Water Worries for Rural Arkansas Residents

Residents of the The Natural State are wondering how clean their waterways will be if the oil and gas industry has its way with a disputed water discharge permit.  An administrative law judge is anticipated to rule soon on citizen concerns about allowing treated wastewater, possibly from natural gas hydraulic fracturing or fracking operations, to […]

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Arkansas Citizens Still Monitoring for Clean Air and Water, Concerned about Fracking

Nearly a decade of controversial hydraulic fracturing in the Fayetteville Shale formation of rural Arkansas has enriched some, outraged others and raised numerous questions about safety and sustainability.  Citizens north of Little Rock are still monitoring their own air quality and eyeing water quality because of suspected long-term impacts of the oil and gas industry. […]

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