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5 Tips for Beginning Canning

Canning jelly and grape juice was so sweet and simple that I got brave enough to try tomatoes the next time.  Our small garden yields haven’t been enough to can, so I purchased a box of organic tomatoes from the UT Farmers Market.  They were a mix of various heirloom varieties.  I remembered from Canning […]

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Seasoned Canners Preserve for Families

Seasoned Canners Preserve for Families Natalie Kennedy and Ann Smith’s mother used to cook food outdoors in an open kettle before canning it.  She didn’t use the extra step of putting full jars into a boiling water bath.  And she sealed jams with paraffin wax.  Now the Morgan County, Tennessee sisters are learning the latest food safety techniques for canning.  They’ve gone […]

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Canning College: Part 3

Karen Savino, TNCEP Educator Heather Guinn, County Director Instructor Heather Guinn began our Canning College with this clear precaution statement, “It’s really important that we follow our instructions to the letter.”  Over the course of two evenings, our groups of adult students would work together to sterilize jars and lids, blanch fruits, chop, process and […]

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Canning College: Part 2

Amy and Matthew Spangler had already tried preserving some food at home before attending their local extension service Canning College.  Amy grew up understanding how gardening and canning worked.  But, Matthew finally decided he needed to learn, as she explained, “Because I’m a country girl and he was a displaced city boy.” She was proud […]

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Farm Market Canning Demonstrations

Think you’re just too busy to preserve any of the summer’s fresh foods yourself?  Or concerned that it’s too complicated?  Casey Littell says if you can boil water, use a timer and follow basic directions, you’re ready to start canning. Littell volunteers on behalf of Slow Food Knoxville to teach canning techniques at her local […]

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