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Test Your Home for Radon

It’s the second leading cause of lung cancer, behind smoking, yet many people never test their homes for radon.  Mid-winter is an ideal time to test your home for the presence of this potentially dangerous gas.  It’s suggested that you test again over time, even if you’ve tested your home previously. There’s also some wisdom […]

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Strong, not Scared: A Daughter’s Raw Story of Cancer Awareness beyond Pinkwashing

We sat in the dim light together on the uncomfortable hospital cot as she tried to force back the nausea from the barium sulfate suspension.  If she could just tolerate it long enough, the scans would be over and I could drive her home.  I held her hand, assured her I’d be there for her […]

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Favorite Quote on Cancer Prevention

Do you find it acceptable that one in two men and one in three women are estimated to develop cancer in their lifetime?  That we’re living longer is only part of the picture, especially when we’re also seeing more childhood cancers.  One of our favorite quotes from a Women’s Voices for the Earth chat with […]

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Young Adult Cancer Survivor Takes Message to Washington

Irreverence, humor, sarcasm…not words you’d necessarily associate with the fight of your life.  Yet more and more young adults are facing the big c with a live-out-loud attitude.  They don’t just cope with cancer, they dare to call it names.  The Vice President for Programs at recently sat down to chat with  Allison […]

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STRONG NOT SCARED: Light the Night Supports Leukemia Patients

Knox DJ was rocking Circle Park on the University of Tennessee campus, the crowds of teams started filling the street, and balloons filled the air!  The fall weather was crisp for Knoxville’s Light the Night event.  Team Bad to The Bone Marrow raised  more than $2,300 to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s research and […]

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STRONG, not scared: Light The Night for Avery’s Family

A feisty furball of a Pomeranian named Calhoun is one of the few things that can make Avery Baker smile these days. Calhoun even trumps the brand new Glow With the Show Ears delivered as a special gift from Minnie Mouse.   The adorable five-year-old solemnly gave her personal approval for some of her young […]

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Light the Night to Beat Leukemia & Lymphoma

Those of us who haven’t had to walk a mile in the shoes of a family fighting leukemia should be counting our blessings.  This blood cancer makes up about a third of all childhood cancers.  While treatments are getting smarter and survival rates better, health experts say many childhood cancers are still suspiciously on the […]

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Cancer Schmancer Founder Fran Drescher Encourages Women’s Voices

Her distinctive voice and comedic timing made Fran Drescher a household name in the 90s sitcom The Nanny.  She’s been entertaining audiences again with Happily Divorced on TV Land.  Drescher is using her voice to educate and encourage with her book and organization Cancer Schmancer!  She recently chatted via teleconference with women across the country […]

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