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wallet stuffed with receipts & dollar bills

Hormone Disrupting BPA Found on Cash Register Receipts from Grocery Stores

*The following is a post sponsored by Allison PR in cooperation with the Mamavation community. Could shoppers and store clerks be unwittingly exposing themselves to hormone disrupting Bisphenol A via cash register receipts?  Could an overstuffed wallet be even messier than you realize?  Another independent analysis of receipts from several grocery stores shows more than […]

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BPA Study in Primates Reveals Danger to Unborn

BPA Study Reveals Danger to the Unborn Could a pregnant mother’s exposure to tiny amounts of hormone disrupting bisphenol A affect the future health of her unborn child?  A pioneer in BPA study says new research gets as close as ethically possible to testing the man-made substance on women, revealing danger to the unborn. Curators’ […]

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FDA Not Banning BPA

As consumers, we’re still on our own to sort through risks and benefits of various food packaging and decide if we want to eat products stored in bisphenol-A (BPA) linings.  The Food and Drug Administration has decided not to ban the hormone-disrupting chemical from food packaging.  Today’s official response was a 15-page denial letter addressed […]

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FDA Nudged toward Decision on BPA

The federal agency that says it’s responsible for protecting our nation’s food supply has been nudged into making a decision about Bisphenol A.  The Natural Resources Defense Council’s senior scientist reports that the advocacy group expects the US Food and Drug Administration to make a decision by the end of March, 2012.  Senior scientist Sarah […]

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More Store Receipts are Going BPA-Free

*See new April 2014 article about science finding not only BPA, but related BPS in cash register receipts.  A top scientist is saying that BPA-Free may not necessarily mean safe. When consumers are concerned, businesses sometimes respond. That seems to be the case with a voluntary phase-out of BPA-laden store receipts made from thermal paper […]

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California Bans BPA in Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups

California has banned the artificial hormone and endocrine disruptor Bisphenol A (BPA) from baby bottles and sippy cups.  Governor Jerry Brown signed the legislation into law, joining ten other states with similar laws.  BPA is already banned in baby bottles in Canada, China and the European Union.  Assemblymember Betsy Butler says, “After years of fighting […]

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