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What I Learned about Blogging at the Build Your Blog Conference

Blogging as life and blogging as business were central subtext amid smiling faces and door prize giveaways at the second Build Your Blog Conference in Salt Lake City. Watching established blogger and former television producer Jill Nystul encourage a room full of aspiring bloggers reinforced the notion that we indeed live in a time of […]

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Hundreds Gather for Build Your Blog Conference in Utah Hosted by Six Sisters’ Stuff

*The following is a sponsored post for Stonyfield Organic. They may already be starlets of the blogging world and pitching their own sizzle reel to cable networks, but the real-life Adamson sisters took time during their recent conference to chat and take pictures with the rest of us aspiring bloggers.  Creators of the Six Sisters’ […]

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Groovy Green Livin’s Lori Alper on Advocating for Children

There aren’t enough hours in the day to (insert here)!  I can’t afford to (insert here)! Some other parent will have to (insert here)!  We all make excuses, despite our best intentions to live life to its fullest and care for our families.  Spend a few minutes with Lori Alper of popular blog Groovy Green […]

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Blogging Roundtable at Buckhead Diner

Life is good, a couple of days away from the family is refreshing, and it’s always fun to make new friends over dinner.  The Buckhead Diner on Atlanta’s swanky north side was the perfect setting for getting to know other bloggers in town for  this fall’s Type A Parent Conference.  The retro-style diner flavors culinary […]

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Congrats to Winner of our Share the Love Giveaway!

Congratulations to Meredith M. for winning our Share the Love giveaway package at! She’ll be receiving some wonderful samples of baby and family products from EcoFab50 and some Healthy Child Healthy World event sponsors, as well as from Moms Clean Air Force.   Thanks to everyone who entered and who shared the message that […]

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