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ShiftCon Unites Eco-Wellness & Social Media in Los Angeles because #ShiftHappens

You can find plenty of fitness expositions full of yogis, iron men and nutrition “experts.” You can take your pick of social media conferences where bloggers can sit and chat. In Los Angeles this week, both concepts come together for the first-of-its kind eco-wellness and social media conference named ShiftCon! Yes, #ShiftHappens, exclaim bloggers gathering […]

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A Dozen Reasons for Looking Forward to ShiftCon

ShiftCon has sprouted up as a fresh approach to new media conferencing, setting itself apart from an already crowded landscape of blogging events! The blogosphere has inspired an entire industry of conferences, seeking to connect those who work and socialize online with in-person experiences.  We’ve shared with you previous visits to BlogHer, Type A Parent […]

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Creating a Baby-Safe World Amid the Chaos

Rocks dug into my left knee, not once, but twice, during my tomboyish days growing up on the family farm.  The worst gash involved tiny bits of gravel that my mother picked from the bloodied pit in my leg. Neither gash impressed my parents enough to drive me to the doctor for stitches.  I was […]

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Thanks for Getting Social

Thanks for getting social and connecting with this and other independent blogs via social media!  Each week we strive to bring you news and information you can use in your journey toward simpler, greener living.  We appreciate the chance to sometimes link to affiliate or sponsored resources to bring you good things and help make […]

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Meet Rafflecopter Crew Members

Excited about all that new media has to offer?  While we embrace simple living here at, we also see that new media, in proper perspective, has its place in our lives.  Just like the television set, of course you have to know when to unplug.  When used wisely, new, social media offers many ways […]

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So Many Blogs, So Little Time

So you’ve just met 400 other bloggers at a conference, attended four classes and discovered a dozen brands that want to work with bloggers.  Where do you begin? So many blogs, so little time. I read a detailed interview years ago with a prominent pop culture blogger who was asked how many other blogs he […]

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Blogging Conference Comparisons

New to the blogging world and wondering which blog conference to attend?  I’ve had the opportunity to attend three different blogging conferences over the past few months, so I’d be glad to share some perspectives with you.  I was fortunate to experience a range from the biggest to the newest in events for bloggers.  Here’s […]

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