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Smart Moms on Christmas Consumerism

I wanted to share more with you from my conversations about Christmas consumerism with two smart moms. The surprising thing these two moms have in common is that neither one has Santa leave gifts on Christmas morning.  Their diverse personal reasons for that had little to do, they said, with consumerism. Assistant University Professor Shannon […]

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Ready, Set, Shop!!!

Ready, set, shop! Here we are, two and half weeks away from Thanksgiving — several weeks longer until Christmas — and we’ve already been served a full helping of holiday marketing. Did you notice how quickly the red and green candies replaced the aisles of candy corn and other Halloween goodies at local stores? Haven’t you heard […]

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Rustic Wooden Bridge

We’ve developed a renewed appreciation for the little foot bridge that my husband built a while back.  It spans a small drainage ditch along a short forest path on our property. During trick-or-treating festivities, he dressed as a troll and handed out prizes to the kids after they answered his riddles and math questions.  The […]

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Holiday Sugar Substitutes

I’m guessing I’m not the only mom out there who strategizes between Halloween and the Christmas season on how to minimize the damage from candy.  I’m always looking for holiday sugar substitutes, and I don’t mean artificial sweetener.  I find myself eventually throwing away bags full of candy that I’ve hidden from my children at […]

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Appalachian Heritage on Display at Heritage Day

Fall Student Heritage Day offered several opportunities to sample the culture at the Museum of Appalachia this October.  Two resident mules took turns doing the heavy work of squeezing juice out of sorghum cane.  Then, Mark Guenther and his crew from Muddy Pond Sorghum (Monterey, Tennessee) showed how the cooking process turns the juice into thick, sweet sorghum syrup.

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Storing Up Christmas Treasures

Another gorgeous autumn morning gave my family the perfect opportunity for a leisurely few hours of tag sale treasure hunting. I’m always on the lookout for great buys on seasonal décor that I would not pay retail for. This particular morning, we found ourselves at two different sales offering Christmas decorations. The first sale we […]

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