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How to Work with Flour Sack Mama

How to work with Flour Sack Mama:

Interested in reaching a targeted audience that cares about simple living, wellness and practical green solutions to life’s challenges? Sponsorship packages for the Flour Sack Mama and Clean Couponing blogs start at just $275, with Clean Couponing sponsorship and Twitter chat packages at $375.  Series, video packages and special projects are also available starting in the $750-$1,250 range.

Priority is given to transparent brands interested in supporting the creation of independent journalism series and related social media over a long-term period of at least six months. Anne reserves the right to refuse sponsorship if your brand values are incompatible with those of the blog.

lemons limes logo Preference will always be openly given to brands that are organic, non-GMO and sustainable, although the blog cannot guarantee that every associated brand will be able to meet those standards. Preference will be given to small, woman-owned businesses, products made in the USA and those with a social good mission, although the blog cannot guarantee that every associated brand will be able to meet those standards.  If you are a nonprofit, we may be able to work with you to provide some free publicity and reduced rates on certain projects.

Sponsorships and relationships will always be disclosed.  We clearly advocate for wellness, prevention, simple living, family farming, non-GMO food, clean air, women’s empowerment, safe consumer products and real chemical safety reform.

Receipt of your brand’s sample product does not obligate the blog to post about that product nor to give it a favorable review. If we agree to a sponsored giveaway, the brand is responsible for sending the gift item directly to the winner.

Anne BrockIn order to keep this blog sustainable, we may use some affiliate links.  If you support those linked businesses, we may receive a modest fee or benefit, but at no extra expense to you.  Anne became a consultant with Beautycounter so commissions could help support this blog.  We also have Amazon affiliate status and some other affiliations, so you can choose to shop through our portal as a way of showing your support for this freely distributed information.

We do not accept unsolicited guest posts nor unsolicited mystery advertising offers from third parties. We apologize for not being able to respond to the volume of daily emails.  If we have missed an opportunity to support your good cause, it may be because more commercial support is needed in order to keep this blog sustainable, so please consider recommending that your favorite brands advertise with us.

If you have a legitimate story idea to share, you may send information to Please be clear whether you are representing a nonprofit or for-profit entity.  If you are a pr firm without a legitimate news story to pitch, please refer to the minimum ad rates above. AstersHeaderFlourSackMamaNeed to get a jump start in new media for your own small business?  Ask about starter packages or try hourly consulting at $55/hour. Anne is also available for public speaking on simple living, green parenting, Clean Couponing and related topics.

Anne graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism with a focus on broadcasting and previously produced local television news programming. She adores her family and would appreciate your help in sending her kids to college:) Contact or 865-282-8769.